August 8, 2013

Catholic education must rely not just on teachers, but witnesses

Much is made these days about reforming Catholic education, specifically of improving academic achievement and Catholic identity in our Catholic schools. Both are in need of
August 10, 2013

The three best arguments for dropping the atomic bomb

1. 2. 3.   Yeah, because there aren’t any. Sorry. There’s simply no way to square that circle. There’s no way to say it’s okay to
August 12, 2013

Requiescat in pace, William Clark

I’m very saddened to report that William P. Clark, also known as “Bill Clark” or “Judge Clark,” passed away Saturday, August 10th at 6:00 AM California
August 13, 2013

Yes — Roman Catholics are Pro-Life

Earlier this month, Quinnipac University released the results of a survey on attitudes toward abortion. It found that 37 percent of Americans think that abortion should
August 28, 2013

How Surveys Overstate Support for Same Sex Marriage

Last week University of Texas Sociology Professor Mark Regnerus had an interesting essay on National Review Online about public opinion on the issue of same-sex marriage.
September 4, 2013

Mrs. Cuccinelli: Why is Common Core asking about religion and other personal questions?

“Few people really know what is at stake in this election,” said Teiro Cuccinelli, wife of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli. “It is very important that
September 6, 2013

Are Senators in favor of war in Syria driven by greed?

That seems to be the suggestion of this article by Donny Shaw over at Maplight.com, a site that’s stated mission is “revealing money’s influence on politics.”
September 11, 2013

Military Strike In Syria Does Not Meet The Requirements Of Justice

The march to war—or at least limited military strikes in Syria has a brief respite, while the United States waits to see if a diplomatic effort
September 23, 2013

“Can we have it all?” is the wrong question

Many years ago, I met an enchanting woman. Mamoo was in her 80s, with white hair, a face full of wrinkles and a figure that could