February 2, 2013

Media Bias and the 60 Minutes Obama-Clinton Interview

Conservatives’ complaints about liberal bias in the mainstream media are like complaints about the weather in February.  They are tiresome, because we have heard them so
February 3, 2013

Population Control Myths Explode In The Face Of Reality

For decades, the left-wing propaganda machine that disguises itself as “science” has been lecturing the world about the dangers of overpopulation. Anyone watching the math already had reason to be skeptical, as Western Europe dealt with population shortages. Now, according to the numbers from the Center For Disease Control & Prevention, the United States, it turns out, has the reverse problem—apparently the people of this country aren’t having enough children.
February 4, 2013

Kids Will Commit Gun Violence Anyway…Let’s Make Sure They Do It Safely

Assault weapon bans, background checks, magazine size limits… Why don’t liberals just forget all this nonsense about gun control?  They’ve already come up with a guaranteed
February 4, 2013

Gay Marriage Signs You Won’t See

When marriage goes on trial at the Supreme Court this year during Holy Week, expect to see protesters sharing their opinions on placards outside. But don’t
February 4, 2013

HHS’s Shell Game Theology

The Catholic Left has embraced a factually false defense of President Obama’s proposed rule change coercing people to facilitate coverage of abortion-pills, contraception and sterilization. NCReporter’s
February 4, 2013

Argentina Imposes Price Controls

According to this article, the government of Argentina is going to impose price controls on all supermarket products to try to break its runaway inflation.  This
February 4, 2013

“If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married!”

… at least, that’s how simple so many advocates of gay “marriage” make it seem. Have you heard that line before? It’s been practically a tagline
February 5, 2013

CV’s Thomas Peters debates marriage on Russian TV

And his performance is quite impressive. When you have 24 minutes, give this video a watch. It’ll help you brush up on good answers to tough
February 5, 2013

Catholic bishops in Colorado add clarity to hospital case

The Huffington Post blasted the headline last month: “Catholic Hospital: Fetus Not Legally A Person.” Our Catholic bishops in Colorado acted immediately when the news hit