Religious Liberty

August 19, 2016

Kim Davis Update: A Win for Religious Freedom?

Do you remember Kim Davis? She’s the Kentucky court clerk who became the victim du jour in the culture wars by refusing to issue marriage licenses
August 22, 2016


Recent actions of presidential hopeful leave room to adopt a tone of cautious optimism A week ago I finally committed to a long overdue decision. I’d
August 30, 2016

Here’s what a Clinton Supreme Court will do. To you. Guaranteed.

Okay, so the Supreme Court. Look, maybe you trust Trump when he says he would appoint conservatives.  Maybe you don’t trust him at all.  Maybe you
August 31, 2016

The Freedom to be Wrong

What is a burkini, you may be wondering? The short answer is that it is neither a burqa nor a bikini, but a contrivance something more
September 1, 2016

A Cause Worth Protesting

Even amidst media hypocrisy, Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest reminds Christians of the need to speak out against threats to religious freedom. The NFL season is
September 14, 2016

Weighing the Options

Last week, the anonymous piece by “Decius” in the Claremont Review of Books prompted many responses arguing against the comparison of this election with the last-ditch