President Trump

February 16, 2017

Price is Right

This is huge news for the Little Sisters of the Poor. The Senate voted last week 52-47 to confirm Dr. Tom Price as the new HHS
February 22, 2017

Notre Dame Dilemma

Do you remember March 20, 2009? That was the day the University of Notre Dame announced they would honor newly-elected President Obama as their Commencement speaker.
March 7, 2017

6 Reactions to the ObamaCare Replacement Bill

The House of Representatives released an Obamacare replacement bill last night titled the American Health Care Act. While Democrats in Congress predictably oppose any change to
April 29, 2017

Trump’s 100 Day Report Card

Thousands of CV members took our recent survey. We’ve compiled the results and incorporated your feedback into our report card on President Trump’s first 100 days
May 4, 2017

Brian Burch reports from White House on religious liberty executive order

I’m in the Rose Garden at the White House with the Little Sisters of the Poor. And I just watched President Trump as he signed his
May 19, 2017

Washington Elites, Media Freaking Out

It’s been a wild few days. Anonymous leaks, a media-driven campaign suggesting overt obstruction of justice, and of course… screeching calls for impeachment of the President
May 25, 2017

This sentence sums up the self-serving hypocrisy of the Catholic left.

In a recent article on the meeting between Pope Francis and President Trump, liberal Catholic commentator Michael Sean Winters showcased in a few succinct words how
May 31, 2017

HHS mandate change — big news

I am happy to report more promising news from the Trump administration… We have obtained a draft of a proposed rule change to the HHS mandate.