President Obama

August 31, 2015

Is Trump the New Obama? Ways They Are Alike

Over at Aleteia I argue that “Trump is a Mirror.” In writing it I started to notice another phenomenon: There are many similarities between Trump and Obama
September 16, 2015

The President’s Plot to Exploit the Pope

  This is what the millennials might call “beyond beyond.” This is beyond President Obama’s typical Chicago-style politics.  This is beyond the more vile tenets of
September 17, 2015

GOP Debate for Life: Carly Fiorina Says ‘Shame on Us’ If We Can’t Defund Planned Parenthood

As in the “undercard” Republican debate among lower-polling candidates earlier on Wednesday, Sept. 16 — click here to read about that — the campaign to defund
September 22, 2015

Wednesday the President, Sunday the Pope

When an American President invites someone to the White House, or even says his name in a public address, more than style points are at stake.
September 24, 2015

No, U.S. News, Francis Did Not Echo Obama

Gary Emerling at U.S. News & World Report thinks he spotted something. “Toward the beginning of his address,” to the U.S. Congress Sept. 24 “Francis alluded to religious
October 6, 2015

What Pope Francis Just Did for Religious Freedom in America

In Pope Francis’ visit to America, religious freedom was a key theme in his public addresses from the White House to Independence Hall in Philadelphia. But
January 6, 2016

Time for a showdown

Finally! Moments ago both houses of Congress finally agreed to a bill to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. The bill passed the House of Representatives
February 12, 2016

This Could Be The Scariest Thing About a Hillary Presidency

And there are a lot of things that would be scary about a Hillary presidency. At a recent campaign rally, a reporter asked Hillary whether she
March 17, 2016

Guess Who Obama Met With Immediately After Announcing his “Moderate” Supreme Court Nominee…

That’s right, the head of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards. So here’s the timeline: Wednesday morning, word gets out that President Obama will nominate Judge Merrick Garland