President Obama

June 21, 2013

Why Isn’t Obama’s New Ambassador to the Vatican Gay?

Many prominent Catholics have praised the appointment. But what I’m curious to know is, why didn’t Obama nominate a gay man or woman to become the next U.S.
September 2, 2013

Pope Francis Beats Obama on Syria

Pope Francis has called for a worldwide day of fasting and prayer for peace on Sept. 7. His global strike for peace will beat Obama’s military
September 12, 2013

Obama’s Syrian Nightmare

President Obama is a victim of his own poor choices. Based on inconclusive evidence about a poison gas attack, he needlessly threatened to plunge America into
September 19, 2013

ObamaCare’s Hidden Pregnancy Tax

In the law, what is left unsaid is as important as what is said. Nowhere is this more true than in the thousands of pages of
October 2, 2013

Stop complaining about the 47%

And then Mitt Romney, who was desperately trying to win over skeptical donors, deployed that toxic rhetoric at a private fundraiser. But his words were secretly
October 7, 2013

The Seven Days of Shutdown (and Counting)

The so-called government “shutdown” which is not really a shutdown at all, but perhaps more of a slowdown, is now approaching the end of its first
October 13, 2013

Rand Paul: Obama Ignores Atrocities Against Christians

Barack Obama and his administration are turning a blind eye, and in some cases giving outright support, to “fanatics of Islam” that are waging open war