February 26, 2014

Beyond the Great Lenten Phone and Facebook Fast

We are fast approaching Ash Wednesday, and it is time to start planning your Lenten fast. Lent is about recommitting to prayer, fasting so as to
March 24, 2014

Stop Applauding Duke Student’s Porn Career

Miley Cyrus putting “twerking” on televisions and smart phones across the country was nothing. Belle Knox is mainstreaming violent anti-woman pornography in the warm approving glow
March 25, 2014

Speaking Ill of the Dead

As of this morning, the exact cause of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains an unsolved mystery. However, it seems most plausible based on
March 26, 2014

The Sicilian Nun, the Teary-Eyed Italian Rapper and Other Little Miracles

One of the great gifts of the Internet is the ability to see little miracles from around the world. And they’re not always Marian apparitions or
March 26, 2014

Before Noah: Top 100 Proudly Catholic Movies

The Passion of the Christ was the favorite, but two 2012 movies rated in the top 10: Les Miserables at No. 4 and For Greater Glory
April 1, 2014

12 Stunning Statues of John Paul the Great

On April 2, his death anniversary, enjoy these statues of John Paul II from around the world culled from Flickr’s Creative Commons. They show the universal
April 4, 2014

A Scripture Scholar, a Great Books Guy, a Campus Minister and an Engineer Walk Into Noah …

Last night I saw Darren Aronofsky’s new movie Noah, starring Russel Crowe, with Benedictine friends: a Scripture Scholar, a Mechanical Engineer, our Director of College Ministry
April 12, 2014

‘The Passion’ on Palm Sunday: ‘Before every Resurrection, there is a Crucifixion’

It’s a story Hollywood loves and knows well. The hero rises to the heights but stumbles due to his own shortcomings, which are also exploited by