April 14, 2018

Lingering Questions: Why Zuck’s Hearing Should Scare Catholics

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was forced to answer questions about censorship this week in front of Congress, but his answers shouldn’t assuage Catholic users’
April 25, 2018

GQ Slams ‘Overrated’ Bible, But Writes About It All the Time

While editors of one popular men’s magazine slam the “overrated” Bible, they’re forgetting their own website refers to the Scriptures regularly. On April 21, GQ magazine
May 2, 2018

Media Figures, Activists Defend ‘Edgy’ Michelle Wolf’s Abortion Joke

Not everyone is unhappy with Michelle Wolf. As the comedienne toyed with the value of unborn human life, she was recognized as a “hero” by certain
May 8, 2018

‘Cultural Appropriation’ Crowd Silent about Mock-Catholic #MetGala

Rihanna dressed as the Pope. A rosary draped around the neck of Taylor Hill, a Victoria’s Secret model. Sarah Jessica Parker sporting a nativity scene on
May 9, 2018

Media Exclude Pro-Life Women in Coverage of Iowa Abortion Ban

“Women” doesn’t include all women, at least according to the media’s latest coverage of abortion. On May 4, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) signed into law
May 16, 2018

Top 10 Celebrities For Abortion in Ireland Referendum

As celebrities push for abortion in Ireland, they’re framing their fight as a battle for women. But every pregnancy physically involves two people. Not one. On
June 5, 2018

What the Saints Have to Say about Trump, Roseanne, and Human Dignity

Last week, a political firestorm erupted when Roseanne Barr tweeted that Barack Obama’s close adviser Valerie Jarrett resembled the offspring of the “Muslim brotherhood & planet
June 6, 2018

Yelp Reviewers Hatefully Accuse SCOTUS Cake Artist of ‘Hate’

Editor’s Note: Explicit content and crude language below. It’s called ironic: Yelp users are accusing a Christian cake artist of hate with hateful reviews in order
June 13, 2018

North Korea, President Trump, and the Value of Things

In October of 1987, my father told me to pack and get in the car. We were headed to Mountain Home, Arkansas. I dreaded the drive