November 20, 2015

Australian Comedian Neel Kolhatkar Descends into the Hell of ‘Modern Educayshun’

This darkly comedic satire from Australia reveals the madness at the heart of higher learning today.
November 23, 2015

Meet Football-Star Seminarian Jordan Roberts

Read the USA Today story about a Catholic seminarian and you think you’re reading the National Catholic Register: Sundays are sacred at the St. John Vianney
November 25, 2015

Is It Too Early for Pentatonix Christmas Music?

The a cappella group makes a joyful noise unto the Lord ...
November 29, 2015

‘Spotlight’: Has the Church-Scandal Movie Victimized an Innocent Man? (VIDEO)

A generally fair-minded film may have fallen short in its portrayal of a faithful Catholic.
December 6, 2015

Neil Cavuto and Father Gerald Murray: The New York Daily News Has a Double Standard on Faith (VIDEO)

Two Catholics have a refreshingly frank discussion about the media's double standard on Christianity and Judaism vs. Islam.
December 12, 2015

Ravens’ Catholic Kicker Justin Tucker Sings a Glorious ‘Ave Maria’ (VIDEO)

The NFL kicker shows his pipes are as strong as his legs, at a concert for Catholic Charities in Baltimore.
December 16, 2015

The Atlantic on Your ‘Lying’ Nativity Scene

The Atlantic website has a piece by Jonathan Merritt gravely informing us all that “Your Christmas Nativity Scene is a Lie.”  Well, that’s a pretty serious
January 15, 2016

God in the Box: Faith on TV in 2016

Something interesting is happening in the world of television. There’s still plenty of mortal sin and silliness going on, but God is starting to pop up in
February 20, 2016

Life From Death: How the Scalia Funeral Mass Became a Triumph of Evangelization

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia on Feb. 13 at the age of 79 was a loss on many levels. As a fearless advocate for the