September 21, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump denies allegations against his foundation

2016 // Donald Trump’s campaign denied allegations by the Washington Post that it misused $250,000 in Trump Foundation funding to pay legal fees of his business interests. http://cvote.it/2cQdAlW
September 22, 2016

CV LOOP: Protesters get violent in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE // One person is on life support during a second night of mob violence in Charlotte. North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory declares state of emergency. http://cvote.it/2cICfJQ PP SCANDAL // Republicans on House
September 23, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump announces 33 Catholic advisers

2016 // Donald Trump names 33 conservative Catholics as new advisers. The announcement follows recent polling which indicated that Trump was struggling with Catholic voters. http://cvote.it/2cLaK2w CHARLOTTE // Seeking to counteract the violent protests and
September 26, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump surging with white Catholics

2016 // In August, Trump trailed Clinton by 3 points among white Catholics — one of the few demographics that had been moving rightward over the last decade. But a new Washington Post-ABC poll shows
September 27, 2016

CV LOOP: Clinton and Trump clash in bitter debate

DEBATE // Donald Trump scored points early with blue collar workers, while Hillary Clinton wanted to prove that she was presidential. But Hillary clearly did better in the
September 28, 2016

CV LOOP: Budget deal likely to prevent government shutdown

BUDGET // It appears a government shutdown will be averted as GOP lawmakers have agreed to allow a vote on a $170 million aid package for Flint. http://cvote.it/2d2D5Bt 2016 // GOP
September 29, 2016

CV LOOP: First baby born with DNA of three people

BRAVE NEW WORLD // World’s first baby born from new procedure using DNA of three people. http://cvote.it/2d6hIz5 2016 // Trump wins some pro-life support, but others remain reluctant. http://cvote.it/2d6led1 2016 // Congress overrides
September 30, 2016

CV LOOP: Reporter claims Scalia’s death “preserved democracy”

2016 // Wow. Linda Greenhouse, the New York Times writer who covers the Supreme Court said that Justice Antonin Scalia’s death “preserved democracy.” Begs a question: Does she think there
October 3, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump tax return from 1995 becomes public

2016 // The New York Times published what appears to be a 1995 tax return from Donald Trump in which he reported a $915 million loss — which