June 3, 2019

LOOP: Judge orders Missouri’s abortion clinic open

JUDICIAL ACTIVISM Missouri’s only abortion clinic was set to lose its license, but Judge Michael Stelzer issued a temporary restraining order to keep it open. Gov. Mike
June 4, 2019

LOOP: Big tech stocks tumble

TECH STOCKS PLUNGE Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple saw their stocks plummet as fear spread on Wall Street that the big tech companies would come under federal
June 5, 2019

LOOP: Lawmakers worry about trade war with Mexico

GOP SENATE VS. TRUMP? Sen. Rob Portman, R-OH, predicted that Congress will try to vote down President Trump’s tariffs on Mexico, if the 5% tariffs go into
June 6, 2019

LOOP: Trump administration ends fetal tissue research

FETAL TISSUE RESEARCH The Trump administration ended a contract that supplies fetal tissue for research. The FDA will no longer obtain the tissue from unborn children at
June 7, 2019

LOOP: Biden calls for taxpayer funding of abortion

BIDEN REVERSES ON ABORTION FUNDING Former Vice President Joe Biden reversed his long-standing position on taxpayer funding of abortion. During the DNC gala in Atlanta, Biden said:
June 10, 2019

LOOP: Trump reaches deal with Mexico

U.S.-MEXICO AGREEMENT  President Trump said Friday that the United States has reached a deal with Mexico and that he “indefinitely suspended” tariffs which were set to begin
June 11, 2019

LOOP: Vatican rejects gender theory

VATICAN REAFFIRMS MALE & FEMALE  A new Vatican document condemns gender theory as a “cultural and ideological revolution.” The document is titled “Male and Female He Created
June 12, 2019

LOOP: ACLU sues to end Trump conscience rule

CONSCIENCE RULE IN COURT  Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over a federal rule which prevents health care workers from
June 13, 2019

LOOP: New system approved for reporting bishops

BISHOPS PASS REFORMS  The U.S. bishops overwhelmingly voted to approve a third-party reporting mechanism for bishops accused of abuse. The new system will allow victims to report