May 7, 2019

LOOP: Schumer backs Trump on China

ANTI-CATHOLIC BIGOTRY A Pennsylvania politician relentlessly harassed an elderly woman praying a rosary. State Rep. Brian Sims, a Democrat from Philadelphia, recorded his interrogation of the woman,
May 8, 2019

LOOP: Lawmaker refuses to apologize for harassing woman in prayer

CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS The Justice Department informed the House Judiciary Committee that Attorney General Bill Barr is not afraid of a potential contempt of Congress vote. Barr
May 9, 2019

LOOP: Justice Dept slams Democrats for ‘contempt’ vote

DOJ SLAMS HOUSE DEMS Justice Department officials rebuked Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee for voting to cite Attorney General William Barr for being in contempt of
May 10, 2019

LOOP: New tariffs on China start

TRADE TALKS White House says talks between the United States and China are set to resume today. Additional U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports went into effect at
May 13, 2019

LOOP: Biden opens big lead in early primary state

2020 Joe Biden leads Democratic field by 31 points in the early primary state of South Carolina. With a large pool of support from black voters,
May 14, 2019

LOOP: Attorney general begins the counter-investigation

AG ORDERS INVESTIGATIONAttorney General William Barr appointed John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut to conduct an inquiry on the origins of the Russian investigation and
May 15, 2019

LOOP: Alabama passes near-total ban on abortion

ALABAMA PRO-LIFE BILLThe Alabama Legislature gave final passage on a near-total ban on abortion. An amendment to allow for abortion if the mother is raped was
May 16, 2019

LOOP: Alabama governor signs abortion ban

PRO-LIFE ALABAMAGov. Kay Ivey, R-AL, signed the almost near-total ban on abortion in Alabama. In signing the bill, Governor Ivey said: “This legislation stands as a
May 17, 2019

LOOP: Trump outlines immigration plan

TRUMP PLAN President Trump outlined a series of proposals to reform the legal immigration system, including eliminating the Diversity Visa Lottery, and increasing the percentage of high-skilled