July 6, 2016

CV Loop: FBI won’t indict Hillary but her problems aren’t over

CORRUPTION // FBI Director James Comey called Hillary Clinton’s handling of email “extremely careless” but he stated that he would not recommend that the Department of Justice prosecute her.
July 7, 2016

CV Loop: Congressional panels vow to grill FBI over Clinton

CORRUPTION // A total of five congressional committees will either hold hearings with high-profile law enforcement officials over the next week or have already begun inquiries to the
July 8, 2016

CV Loop: 10 police officers shot, three killed, at Dallas protest

POLICE // At least 10 police officers were shot, and three killed in downtown Dallas on Thursday night during a protest over shootings by police of black men in
July 11, 2016

[CV Loop] Trump considering Pence as his VP pick

2016 // There’s increasing speculation that Donald Trump will select Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his pick for vice-president. Pence had a solid pro-life record while in Congress and as
July 12, 2016

CV Loop: GOP rejects effort to weaken marriage plank

MARRIAGE // A panel working on the Republican Party’s platform stood strong and rejected an attempt to soften the party’s opposition to same-sex ‘marriage.’ http://cvote.it/29DvusT RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // The House
July 13, 2016

[CV Loop] Two-thirds of Americans oppose Obama on bathroom policy

ACTION STEP >> The House is expected to vote on the Conscience Protection Act today. Call your Representative at (202) 224-3121 and urge them to vote Yes. LGBT // A
July 14, 2016

CV LOOP: Clinton leading Trump among Catholics, poll says

CATHOLIC POLL // A new poll shows that white Catholics are narrowly backing Trump, but Hispanic Catholics break dramatically for Clinton. http://cvote.it/29IRMti RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // The House passed the Conscience Protection
July 15, 2016

CV Loop: Terrorist attack in France kills 80

TERRORISM IN FRANCE // Prayers for the people of Nice, France, as a terrorist drove a semi truck past a barricade and into a crowd for over a
July 18, 2016

CV Loop: Security tight in Cleveland as GOP convention begins

COPS KILLED // Three police officers are murdered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The killings came 13 days after a controversial police shooting of a black suspect 13 days