April 19, 2017

LOOP: GOP avoids defeat in Georgia

SPECIAL ELECTION // Democrat Jon Ossoff did better than expected but was unable to clear 50% and win the special election in Georgia last night. A runoff between
April 20, 2017

CV LOOP: Supreme Court hears religious liberty case

SUPREME COURT // NBC’s Supreme Court analyst says that “a clear majority” of the U.S. Supreme Court seemed inclined to rule in favor of a Missouri Lutheran
April 21, 2017

CV LOOP: House GOP announces new health care plan

HEALTH CARE // Republican lawmakers have a new plan to repeal and replace Obamacare in a bid to bridge the gap between the House Freedom Caucus and moderates. http://cvote.it/2oU1MVH
April 24, 2017

CV LOOP: DNC chair Tom Perez says all Dems must support abortion

ABORTION // Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez said that all Democrats who run for political office must support abortion. http://cvote.it/2pVo783 ABORTION // A promise from the governor of Illinois to
April 25, 2017

CV LOOP: Trump drops demand for border wall funding

BUDGET // With days left before the federal government runs out of money, President Trump appeared to back off of his demand for immediate funding of the border
April 26, 2017

CV LOOP: Trump administration asks for delay in HHS fight

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // Dozens of Republicans in Congress sent a letter to President Trump urging him to restore religious liberty: “We … request that you sign the draft
April 27, 2017

CV LOOP: New GOP healthcare plan gets conservative support

ABORTION // Cardinal Dolan calls pro-abortion DNC pledge ‘extreme,’ ‘disturbing’, and ‘intolerant.’ He said: “The recent pledge by the Democratic National Committee chair to support only candidates who
April 28, 2017

CV LOOP: Moderate Republicans balk on health care plan

SHUTDOWN // Congress is expected to vote on a one-week funding bill to keep the government running while working on a longer-term budget deal. But Senate Democratic Leader
May 1, 2017

CV LOOP: Catholic leaders assess Trump’s first 100 days

MEDIA // The White House Correspondent Dinner is an annual tradition where the media invites the President and brings in a comedian to tell jokes at his expense. Trump