June 22, 2016

[CV Loop]: Trump meets with Christian leaders

2016 // Donald Trump spoke with evangelical and Catholic leaders. Brian Burch of CatholicVote told Time magazine: “He came across as reasonable, not reckless. Probably the biggest takeaway
June 23, 2016

[CV Loop] Democrat stage ‘sit-in’ on House floor over gun control

2016 // Representatives of CatholicVote will be in Washington to attend a conference at the American Enterprise Institute. The daylong summit with feature leading Roman Catholic thinkers and Church
June 24, 2016

[CV Loop] British people vote to leave the EU

2016 // Donald Trump said he would convert the $50 million he lent his campaign into a contribution, in a move to boost confidence in donors who were suspicious that
June 27, 2016

[CV Loop]: Pope says Church should apologize to gays

VATICAN // The mainstream media is jumping on remarks by Pope Francis that the Church should apologize to gays and other marginalized groups. Here’s the NPR story. http://cvote.it/28ZE9FK VATICAN // Here’s the
June 28, 2016

[CV Loop]: Trump silent after court ruling on abortion

ABORTION // Hillary Clinton applauded the Supreme Court decision to strike down Texas’ pro-life law, saying “abortion should be a right.” Donald Trump was silent on the decision
June 29, 2016

[CV Loop] Supreme Court slams door on pharmacists

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // Kevin and Greg Storman, owners of Ralph’s Thriftway in Olympia, Wash., lost their long legal battle over a state law that forces them to provide Plan
June 30, 2016

[CV LOOP]: Religious liberty bill finally moving forward

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // After a year of inaction, a bill to strengthen religious liberty called the First Amendment Defense Act, will get a hearing on July 12. http://cvote.it/296gzoM >> TAKE ACTION
July 1, 2016

[CV Loop]: ACLU targets grants for pro-life groups that aid migrants

LGBT // The Obama administration officially opens the military to transgendered persons. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-OK, has called on Defense Secretary Ash Carter to postpone the implementation of the
July 5, 2016

CV Loop: Trump camp stumbles over tweet with six-pointed star

2016 // Donald Trump defended an image he tweeted Saturday (then deleted) which criticized Hillary Clinton and featured what many are calling a Star of David shape. http://cvote.it/29cUDWV