January 6, 2017

CV LOOP: Defunding Planned Parenthood will be part of Obamacare vote

PLANNED PARENTHOOD // Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said defunding Planned Parenthood will be included as part of a bill to repeal Obamacare. The Speaker said cutting off federal funds to Planned
January 9, 2017

Dr. Chad Pecknold is taking Augustine to Twitter

Dr. Chad Pecknold is associate professor of systematic theology at Catholic University of America, and he also provides great insights on politics from his Twitter account
January 9, 2017

CV LOOP: Kentucky passes 20-week abortion ban

PRO-LIFE // It took Republicans 100 years to win control of both houses of the Kentucky Legislature. It took them one week to pass a bill protecting unborn
January 10, 2017

CV LOOP: Five GOP Senators push to delay Obamacare repeal

OBAMACARE // A breakaway group of five moderate Senate Republicans are now backing an amendment that would extend the target date for committees to write an Obamacare repeal bill to
January 11, 2017

CV LOOP: Trump says no delay to Obamacare repeal

OBAMACARE // President-elect Donald Trump said Republicans need to vote to repeal Obamacare in the first week he takes office. “We have to get to business. Obamacare has
January 12, 2017

CV LOOP: Senate passes first stage of Obamacare repeal

OBAMACARE // The Republican-led Senate passed a budget resolution 51-48, clearing the first major hurdle to repealing Obamacare. The Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) Committee and
January 13, 2017

CV LOOP: Speaker: Fund federal community health centers, not Planned Parenthood

PP SCANDAL // At a CNN town hall, Speaker Paul Ryan was asked about funding for Planned Parenthood. He replied: “We don’t want to commit taxpayer funding for
January 16, 2017

CV LOOP: Trump vows healthcare ‘for everybody’

TRUMPCARE? // President-elect Donald Trump vows universal healthcare in Obamacare replacement plan. “We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump told the Washington Post. “There was a philosophy in some
January 16, 2017

CV LOOP: GOP divided on how to replace Obamacare

HEALTH CARE // Congressional Republicans and the Trump transition team are at odds about an Obamacare replacement plan. Trump’s health secretary nominee Tom Price has a plan which