October 28, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump to EWTN: Hillary should ‘apologize’ to Catholics

2016 // Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Raymond Arroyo of EWTN. Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for having high-level staff members who mocked Catholics and evangelicals. “She should
October 31, 2016

CV LOOP: FBI gets warrant for newly discovered Hillary emails

2016 // The FBI obtained a warrant Sunday for a batch of emails from longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin found on a laptop belonging to her estranged husband Anthony
November 1, 2016

CV LOOP: CNN drops Donna Brazile for giving debate questions to Hillary

2016 // CNN cuts all ties to Donna Brazile after Wikileaks revealed that Brazile provided Clinton’s campaign with specific questions she would face at CNN presidential forums during the
November 2, 2016

CV LOOP: Support for Libertarian fades, as polls rise for Trump

2016 // Since the first debate, there’s a sharp drop in undecided voters in the polling averages. As people make up their minds, Trump is up and Libertarian Gary
November 3, 2016

CV LOOP: “Indictment is likely” in Clinton Foundation case

2016 // New poll shows Donald Trump surging in Pennsylvania. http://cvote.it/2fexcRv 2016 // The FBI’s White Collar Crime Division is investigating a possible pay for play interaction between then-Secretary of State Hillary
November 4, 2016

CV LOOP: Hillary’s server likely hacked 7 times

CORRUPTION // Hillary Clinton’s private server may have been hacked by as many seven separate individuals or foreign governments. http://cvote.it/2fhKih2 2016 // The last week of the presidential race is going
November 7, 2016

CV LOOP: FBI finishes email review

CORRUPTION // FBI Director James Comey wrote a letter to Congress on Sunday stating that “based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed
November 9, 2016

CV LOOP: AP calls Trump the winner of the presidential race

ELECTION DAY 2016 //  Donald Trump defies the polls and wins the presidential election. And he did it by blowing up the electoral college map with wins in
November 10, 2016

CV LOOP: Anti-Trump protests are held in at least six cities

PROTESTS // Protesters took to the streets Wednesday in at least six cities to march against president-elect Donald Trump, often blocking commuters from travelling home after work. http://cvote.it/2fzuh6k HEALTH