September 30, 2016

Playing the Victim

Bill Clinton left behind many victims of his raging carnality but Hillary Clinton was not one of them. In response to a Washington Post article which glossed
January 16, 2017

Four Ways the Obama Legacy Will Backfire

This is the season to discuss President Obama’s legacy. After all, he is the first black president set to leave the Oval Office this week that
March 6, 2017

A Day Without a Mother

In the wealthy Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., at least one public school district has announced they will be closed on Wednesday, so that the overwhelmingly
March 8, 2017

Big Abortion vs. Conway and Dannenfelser

This week, the anti-Trump organization Women’s March held a nationwide demonstration, “A Day Without a Woman,” encouraging women to skip work to protest for “women’s rights.”
March 24, 2017

Feminism, Keep Your Filthy Hands Off My Wife

A new feminist proposal has surfaced at the Daily Telegraph: Penalize women for staying at home with their children. This is why feminism can’t have nice
November 28, 2017

How Nancy Pelosi was Wrong, then Wronger about Due Process

When Rep. John Conyers was revealed as an alleged sexual predator, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s instinct was to wait silently for nearly a week. The
November 29, 2017

We Need Masculine Virtue: Let Me Womansplain

Over the holiday I read a remarkable news article about a father-and-son “Good Samaritan” duo who pulled a woman from the burning wreckage of an accident
December 6, 2017

Models and Media Sexualize Christmas for ‘Feminism’

Big name models, backed by the media, are using Christmas—a Christian holy day remembering the Virgin Mary’s birth to the world’s Savior—to flaunt sexuality. But it’s
December 15, 2017

Want to Stop Sexgate 2017? Stop Feminism

Last spring, I was riding the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn when a fight broke out between two teens and a middle-aged hipster. As the altercation