August 5, 2015

Planned Parenthood: ‘Every Child an Unwanted Child’

With the barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood exposed now more than ever, so many people of faith across the country are scratching their heads. Many are
September 1, 2015

Mercy Enough to Go Around

Pope Francis issued a letter this morning that has caused quite a stir in the media. (It’s not long; go ahead and read it.) In the letter, the
September 17, 2015

GOP Debate for Life: Carly Fiorina Says ‘Shame on Us’ If We Can’t Defund Planned Parenthood

As in the “undercard” Republican debate among lower-polling candidates earlier on Wednesday, Sept. 16 — click here to read about that — the campaign to defund
February 4, 2016

Pregnancy, Perfectability, and Progressive Prohibitionism

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made headlines this week with the release of new guidance advising women who are sexually active to avoid consumption
May 6, 2016

Our Mother, The Church

Mother’s Day was originally conceived as a day to honor one’s own mother, but over time has taken on additional meaning as a celebration of motherhood
June 10, 2016

Coming Soon to America: Archbishop Faces Threat of Prosecution Over “Hate Speech” Homily

If gay rights and feminist groups get their way, a Spanish cardinal may get prosecuted for hate speech over comments he recently made – while giving
September 19, 2016

Try to read this Gloria Steinem quote without laughing.

Why does Gloria Steinem think abortion is so great?  Because: “Forced childbirth is the single biggest cause of global warming.” Abortion saves the planet!  Because over-population!