June 30, 2020

A Victory for All Catholics

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. This morning, we won big. Early today the Supreme Court ruled that a state cannot exclude religious schools from funding
July 7, 2020

Can he win?

Everyone is asking me the same question:  “Can Trump still win?”  Let’s face it: the media thinks the race is over. From Russia to Ukraine to
July 8, 2020

Two Big Wins for Religious Freedom

Wow, what a great day for Catholics! The Supreme Court issued two critical rulings this morning.   Both are big WINS. First, the Court ruled that the
July 22, 2020

Joe Biden Silent as Catholics are Attacked

A few days ago we sent this provocative tweet: “Catholics, start paying attention.” Why? The tweet was in response to yet another Catholic church set ablaze.
August 17, 2020

Whoa, the race is close…

Did you see the new CNN poll? It shows Biden leading Trump by just four points — a drop of ten points over the last month… 
September 2, 2020

Catholic Schools Facing Extinction

Many public schools are refusing to open back up. …because open or closed, they get paid, and their schools survive. But Catholic schools are facing an
September 3, 2020

CV Calls on Biden to Condemn Attacks on Church

Catholic Group Calls on Biden to Condemn Alarming Rise in Attacks on Catholic Churches, Beliefs MADISON, WI – CatholicVote, a national faith-based advocacy organization, is calling
September 16, 2020

The Elections Are Getting Close

A friend recently shared this eye-opening story — It happened while taking the Holy Eucharist to an elderly, homebound parishioner.  During her visit, they began talking
September 24, 2020

Tell the Senate: No Anti-Catholic Smears and No Religious Tests

In just two days, the President will make his pick. And the attacks on Amy Coney Barrett have already begun. We at CatholicVote will not be