July 20, 2021

Infrastructure Bill Unlocks Abortion Funding

What’s in the new push for “infrastructure?” You guessed it: child killing. Democrats are signaling they intend to transform Medicaid in the $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” reconciliation
July 23, 2021

Mississippi Is Going All In For Life

Mississippi just submitted their brief… And they’re going all in – for life. This could be the biggest legal case in American history. For context: Mississippi
August 3, 2021

Votes Have Consequences

Skyrocketing inflation. COVID confusion. Chaos at the border. Surging violent crime. So what did House Democrats just do? Last week they broke a decades-old bipartisan agreement
August 4, 2021

No More Dialogue

Last week Democrats declared war on the pro-life movement. Ignoring overwhelming public opposition, Democrats in the House broke a 40+-year-old compromise and voted to approve taxpayer
September 18, 2021

Stop Pro-Abortion Catholic Terry McAuliffe

Does the name Terry McAuliffe sound familiar? He makes Joe Biden look like a true “devout Catholic.” McAuliffe is the Democratic candidate running for governor in
September 24, 2021

Crisis-Riddled Democrats Focused on Expanding Abortion

Nancy Pelosi is trying to rally House Democrats. With approval polls plummeting, Joe Biden is pressuring moderate senators to pass his “infrastructure” bills… …and now Virginia