September 24, 2014

Las Vegas School District Considers Teaching 5-8 Year Olds About Masturbation

The Clark County School Board is considering changes to its sex education curriculum, including the possibility of teaching five to eight year old children that “touching
October 17, 2014

Where the Michigan Senate candidates stand on the issues

The Senate race in Michigan is still close.  Here at CV, our team has been watching Terri Lynn Land and Gary Peters so we can offer
October 20, 2014

A culture of “men without chests?”

Huber issued a prophetic challenge to the attendees:  “Where are our men? Are we resolved to be a culture of “men without chests” as C.S. Lewis
October 22, 2014

Where the Iowa Senate Candidates Stand on the Issues

We only need 6 seats to remove pro-abortion Harry Reid from control of the Senate. The race in Iowa is crucial. We have looked closely at
October 24, 2014

Where the Kansas Senate Candidates Stand on the Issues

Many issues are at stake in this election, and the Kansas race is crucial to get our country back on track. After reviewing their positions, we