July 9, 2015

‘You Know You’re a Catholic If …’ Summer 2015 Edition

Dr. Edward Mulholland at the Gregorian Institute helped me compile this list of ways you can tell you are Catholic in these tumultuous times. You know you
July 22, 2015

Is the First English Poem a 7th-Century Laudato Si?

The first recorded poem in the English language is called Cædmon’s Hymn, and is related to us by the notable saint, monk, and historian, the Venerable
August 19, 2015

Mars One & The Great Human Escape

If you are a space enthusiast, or have been following the goings and comings of billionaire venture capitalists over the past several years, then you are
March 13, 2016

God in the Garden

Let me say up front that I harbor serious doubts that there is a single contemplative bone in my body. This is not to say that
May 14, 2016

The Worship of Nature and the Denial of Reality

Two things I read in the last week or so stick in my brain, especially in light of our society’s current scorched-earth wars against biology and
June 16, 2016

Ending Gender Confusion in Three Easy Steps

Gender confusion is rampant in our culture. Gals think they’re guys, guys think they’re gals, and we’re supposed to happily affirm it all. I think there’s
July 11, 2016

Clinton Emails & Gender Dysphoria: The Danger with Continuums

Hilary Clinton’s email scandal exemplifies the left’s war on objective truth Gender is a continuum. It’s one of the first maxims introduced to English students at
July 11, 2016

In Tough Times, Try This Poem

Without question, the last week (or year perhaps) has been difficult for Americans; division, violence, and hardened hearts have all arisen—all, of course, things that we