Democratic Party

June 24, 2016

Parenting Experts Discuss: Should Congressional Democrats Be Spanked?

In the wake of the Democrats’ pathetic and childish tantrum in response to not getting their way on gun control (which happens when you lose elections)
July 11, 2016

Clinton Emails & Gender Dysphoria: The Danger with Continuums

Hilary Clinton’s email scandal exemplifies the left’s war on objective truth Gender is a continuum. It’s one of the first maxims introduced to English students at
July 13, 2016

Congress & the Battle for Conscience Rights

Two hundred and forty years ago last week, our founders unanimously signed a declaration. A declaration that, as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently noted, conceived our nation
July 29, 2016

Tim Kaine’s Shocking Position on Gun Control

Tim Kaine, the Democratic nominee for vice president, recently stated his position on gun control: “I’m kind of a, look, traditional Catholic. I don’t like —
August 11, 2016

Hillary’s biggest lie yet

Did you hear what Hillary just said? Here is the quote: “I’ve been fighting to defend religious freedom for years.” What?!? The context for her shameful