July 23, 2019

Helping to reelect Donald Trump: Miss Michigan has title stripped for wrongthink

There is a school of thought that aggressive wokeness is what elected Donald Trump in the first place. It was the Obama Administration’s ham-fisted attempt to
September 14, 2022

Banned Books Week Censors Dissent

The 2022 Banned Books Week kicks off on September 18, and promoters are leaning heavily into the rainbow. This year’s theme is “Books Unite Us, Censorship
September 26, 2022

St. Michael Movie Premieres

CV NEWS FEED // On September 29, a new film Saint Michael: Meet the Angel will air in select theaters across the United States, Poland, and
October 26, 2022

CNN Smears Charities, Gets Pushback Over Hit Piece

CV News Feed // CNN Investigates issued a new report on taxpayer funding for pregnancy resource centers. The report, subtitled “How taxpayer money intended for poor
December 13, 2022

Love Loses

There’s a party at the White House today. Drag queens, LGBT activists, and anti-Catholic bigots are all invited. The event?  The signing ceremony for the (Dis)Respect