May 16, 2018

Top 10 Celebrities For Abortion in Ireland Referendum

As celebrities push for abortion in Ireland, they’re framing their fight as a battle for women. But every pregnancy physically involves two people. Not one. On
May 16, 2018

Dear Catholics: Are You Really Pro-Life? ‘Cause I Doubt It.

I’m a pro-life activist and a convert, and I’m not convinced. I write this as a Catholic father of seven, three of whom will be confirmed
June 5, 2018

What the Saints Have to Say about Trump, Roseanne, and Human Dignity

Last week, a political firestorm erupted when Roseanne Barr tweeted that Barack Obama’s close adviser Valerie Jarrett resembled the offspring of the “Muslim brotherhood & planet
June 13, 2018

Media Silent as Women Cry #MeToo Against Religious Persecution

While many in the media rightly champion the #MeToo movement, they’re sadly overlooking the monstrosities committed against women abroad for simply practicing their faith. One Catholic
June 21, 2018

Media Dismayed Pope Francis Is Catholic on Abortion and Marriage

The Catholic pope recently taught traditional Catholic teaching. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it did for some in the media. On Sunday, CNN reported
June 29, 2018

The Great Divide: From Civility to Civil War?

Recently there was an article in USA Today entitled, Is America headed toward a civil war? Sanders, Nielsen Incidents Show It Has Already Begun (June 25
August 2, 2018

Father Tells Man Who Killed Son: ‘God Forgave Me. How Can I Not Forgive You?’

Though negative stories abound in today’s media world, that doesn’t mean good stories don’t exist. Case in point: Christian and local media are telling the story