April 8, 2016

Was There a Saint on the Titanic?

Canonizations can take years, even decades, but the process has been started for Fr. Thomas Byles, an English priest who died saving fellow passengers when the
April 13, 2016

[VIDEO] On this day in 1742, Handel’s Messiah Premiers in Dublin

Handel’s Messiah, first performed in a concert hall in Dublin during the season of Lent in 1742, was intended to bring religious themes to a secular venue. Written
April 13, 2016

Pro-Life Victory or Scary Sign of Things to Come?

As you may have heard, a federal judge in Michigan threw out a lawsuit brought by the ACLU to try to force Catholic hospitals to perform
April 22, 2016

This Is Like Putting Clarence Thomas on Mount Rushmore

In other words, it’s great. I have no idea if there were cynical or divisive motives on the part of the Obama administration to put Harriet
April 23, 2016

The Power of Video: The USCCB on Religious Liberty, and Michael Voris

It could be better. It could be less talky, more dramatic — and shorter. But it’s a start. At nearly 10 minutes long, this mini-documentary, “The
April 29, 2016

Announcing: CV Summer Book Club!

Political events don’t just happen. They are formed. Over years and lifespans, carefully, often unintentionally, the everyday lives of ordinary people create culture. While cataclysmic events
May 14, 2016

The Worship of Nature and the Denial of Reality

Two things I read in the last week or so stick in my brain, especially in light of our society’s current scorched-earth wars against biology and
May 23, 2016

[DISCUSSION TIME] ‘The Power and the Glory’ Book Club

Thanks for joining CV Offline Summer Bookclub! This May, we read The Power and the Glory, a novel by Catholic author Graham Greene. It tells the