March 19, 2015

‘American Idol’: Catholic Judge Harry Connick Jr. on Staying Focused and True

Last week, “American Idol” picked its final 11 contestants, and tonight — Thursday, March 19 — that gets whittled down to the Top 10, who will
March 20, 2015

Words Only Hardcore Catholics Understand (With Translations)

I started thinking about this when we told friends one Friday in Lent, “We’re going to stations, then we’re going to have a lame, late dinner.”
March 21, 2015

Three Reasons to Remember that We Can Deserve the Death Penalty

As readers of CV, and of the larger Catholic blogosphere know, there has been a robust debate going on recently among Catholics about the morality of
March 22, 2015

VIDEO: 60 Minutes on Isis vs. Christians

  “They took everything from us, but they cannot take God from our hearts. They cannot.” Those are the opening words of Archbishop Nicodemus Sharaf in
March 23, 2015

Even in space travel, we have a need for relics

I’ve never really understood the Protestant criticism of Catholics venerating relics of saints. We remember the life of St. John Paul, we’re not worshiping his clothing?