April 18, 2013

Pope Francis and the Devil

The terrorist attacks in Boston this week have prompted many people to ask themselves why. Why did this happen? Why would anyone do such a thing?
April 19, 2013

Let’s Help the Strange New Morality Fail

We who believe in affirming civilization’s basic building blocks — for instance, the Ten Commandments — sometimes feel like we’re losing, bigtime.  The new morality, after all,
April 20, 2013

109? Pffft. Try 4,360 hours, if they had names.

“#NoMoreNames,” they call it. “#NoMoreNames” is an online effort to play on people’s feelings to support any old gun control measures by reading out the names
April 20, 2013

The marriage debate we should be having

There has been much digital and literal ink spilled on the fight over so-called “gay marriage,” even here at CV.org and in my own posts. We
April 24, 2013

The Ugly Truth: Abortion Support is Inhuman, Part 2

In previous episodes we saw a writer at The Atlantic try to exonerate abortion from the Gosnell horror through semantics, and some other abortion rights folks
April 24, 2013

Boston Strong: Coming together through sports

One month after the September 11th attacks, President Bush stood atop the pitcher’s mound in old Yankee Stadium before game 3 of the 2001 World Series and delivered the