January 21, 2014

The Truth about ‘Girls’

“What is the purpose of all of the nudity in ‘Girls’?” This is the question that a reporter asked the cast and producers of HBO’s show
January 21, 2014

Cuomo says pro-lifers not welcome in New York, Jindal invites them to Louisiana

Governor Bobby Jindal (pictured on the right) is letting pro-life New Yorkers know that they will feel right at home in his state of Louisiana. “Hey
January 22, 2014

The Invisible War

In the year 1973, the Cold War was at its height. The United States and the Soviet Union possessed enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth
January 23, 2014

Why Don’t We Hear More Sermons on Marriage and Contraception?

As Stephen White noted, Cardinal O’Malley of Boston is quite right to suggest that liberal institutions like the New York Times give far more evidence of
January 27, 2014

Didn’t you hear? Satan attended this year’s Grammy Awards

In his 1884 encyclical Humanum Genus, Pope Leo XIII wrote the following: The race of man, after its miserable fall from God…separated into two diverse and opposite
January 28, 2014

The Underground Thomist

  Thomas’s legacy lives on, of course, in the lives and thought of the many Catholic scholars who have been influenced by him and who work to apply
January 30, 2014

Denver Archbishop Will Say Mass for Broncos Before Super Bowl

I was already planning to root for the Broncos in the Super Bowl this Sunday, but this makes it even better. Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver
January 31, 2014

Saving Social Security and Marriage–and the World!

During his State of the Union address, President Obama made the obligatory reference to “equal pay for equal work” as part of a larger public debate
February 1, 2014

Kudos to Katie Couric

This doesn’t happen often, but I have something positive to say about a major media personality. Here is a report by Katie Couric (for her new