January 6, 2014

Don’t Duck the Real Question Raised by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty

  The controversy over Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson’s interview in GQ may make some of us want to seek shelter from the hostile bombardment of
January 7, 2014

Our Unchangeable Faith: Catholicism as a Cultural Force

Yesterday, I read with interest the essay from Paul Harvey written after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council. Entitled, “What Catholic Tradition Means to a Protestant”,
January 7, 2014

A Lighthouse Doesn’t Move

Like Steve Skojec (you can read his excellent post here), I want to follow up on Emily Stimson’s wonderful post bringing to light the late Paul
January 9, 2014

Does KFC really think Christmas carols are stupid?

Now that Christmas is officially over, it’s time that I start blogging again. And that means, among other things, shining light on those who are hostile
January 10, 2014

“Girls” “Rage Spiral” Illustrates the Character of Contemporary Cultural Liberalism

According to Entertainment Weekly, a reporter asked a question at a press event that caused a “rage spiral” among some of the cast and creators of
January 14, 2014

Millennials Are Seeking Tradition, Sacramentality, and Liturgy

When God at first made man, Having a glass of blessings standing by, “Let us,” said he, “pour on him all we can. Let the world’s
January 14, 2014

“Is the Lord to be thus repaid by you?” A Message from Deuteronomy

The morning prayer of the Church contains a canticle derived from the book of Deuteronomy that includes this striking passage: For I will sing the Lord’s
January 16, 2014

Four Reasons to Like “Frozen”

A couple of weeks ago I took the young Holloways to see Frozen, the new Disney family picture.  On second thought maybe I should say that