December 19, 2013

Watch CatholicVote’s new Christmas video

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December 20, 2013

Fortress Ohio: Taking Your Children

Are your kids yours, or are they on loan from the government?  A bill being proposed in Ohio would give the state primary authority over your
December 20, 2013

Four Fun Short Films for Christmas

One of the enjoyable parts of the Christmas season is re-watching the great films that the season has inspired.  The best among these only get more
December 22, 2013

Our Desperate Need for Christmas

It’s happening again. The streets of Atchison are lit up like a firefly convention. People are dashing madly around to Christmas shopping, Christmas concerts, Christmas parties
December 23, 2013

Phil the Merciful

The last week has seen an explosion of indignation at the remarks of Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson on homosexuality (he referred to it in the context
December 25, 2013

A 12 Days of Christmas Year in Review

What’s the best answer to Christmas sentimentality? The Christmas season liturgy. In the days that follow Christmas, the Church brings us the slaughter of innocents, the
December 27, 2013

My appearance on Jeopardy! [Video]

I’ve always thought it would be fun to appear on Jeopardy. But God sometimes has a funny way of answering prayers. T’was the night before Christmas
December 27, 2013

Catholics, Liberal and Conservative

I definitely do agree with most of what Emily says in her post–“Two Words Catholics Need to Stop Using . . . Like Now.”  And I
January 6, 2014

What Catholic Tradition Means to a Protestant

Facebook is making me a bit ill these days. And I’m not sure who to blame. Pope Francis? The media? Ordinary Catholics squabbling over what the