September 9, 2013

Did the boycott against Home Depot’s gay activism work?

In response, a number of people opposed to the radical gay agenda chose to boycott Home Depot. I just received this encouraging email from the American
September 12, 2013

America’s unhealthy football addiction

As the sweltering days of summer give way to the cool, brisk evenings of fall, one thing you can expect in the weeks and months ahead
September 17, 2013

Grace Hacks: Nine Shortcuts to Joy

Life is hard. I know. Bills pile up, children rebel, bosses yell, friends betray, illnesses ravage, loved ones die, spouses leave, and madmen walk into buildings
September 18, 2013

The LOVE Revolution

WYA Revolution is a project started by a young man named Jon Jorgenson.  Over the weekend a bunch of my friends sent me the link to
September 19, 2013

Old, Good News

Usually, when Huffington Post, The New York Times, and The Daily Beast are giddy with excitement over something the Pope said about abortion, gay-marriage, or contraception,
September 20, 2013

Degeneracy Sells: Grand Theft Auto V’s $800 Million Payday

Video games are a big industry. Tens of billions of dollars are spent annually on the latest games and the demographics for gamers grow wider and more inclusive
September 20, 2013

Who Really Has It All?

Can a woman have it all? A successful career? A flourishing family? A happy marriage? Not according to Elizabeth Corey. In her First Things contribution to the
September 23, 2013

Real Pope Francis vs. Media Pope Francis

Everyone is talking about the Big Interview that Pope Francis gave last week. Catholic blogs are abuzz. My news feed on The Facebook is full of a
September 25, 2013

Why Prosecute When You Can Intimidate? Government Bullying 101

Robert Small is a parent in Towson, Md., a Baltimore County town known in the area for the quality of its schools. Several years ago, the