June 14, 2013

An American Astronaut and his Father

How important is a father to a son?  How much does a son value his father’s good opinion?  How much does it matter to a son
June 14, 2013

New CV Video: Celebrate Dad!

Did you get dad a gift yet? Either way, we have something you might want to send him. It’s our small way of saying “Dads matter.”
June 21, 2013

Science Delves Further Into the Depths of the Riches of the Wisdom of God

I love the question, “How is science compatible with faith in God?” It’s like asking, “How can you believe in art criticism and that Michelangelo really
June 24, 2013

A Stupendous Talent, and a Beautiful Soul

The other day, I was surfing around YouTube listening to music, and something made me think of Adolph “Bud” Herseth, the renowned, long-time principal trumpet player
June 25, 2013

A Bronx Priest Who Makes Honey and Beer … and Clothes for Cameron Diaz

This past weekend, I was channel-surfing and stopped on Fox News when a video clip of Pope Francis caught my eye. The Fox News host was
June 27, 2013

What Catholics Need Now: A Letter to Our Priests and Bishops

To Our Spiritual Fathers, Please forgive the public nature of this letter. In a sense, it goes against my personal rule of not criticizing priests or
June 30, 2013

Top 10 Awkward Facts About the Atheist Monument

Atheists unveiled a monument next to a Ten Commandments monument in Florida. The group that built it plans to put up 50 more nationwide. 1. A