July 14, 2016

Senator Tim Scott talks about the trust gap between the police and the black community

Tim Scott is an excellent Senator, and everyone calls him a solid conservative. He speaks powerfully here about the trust gap between police officers and the
July 26, 2016

A French Martyr, and the West in Denial

Father Jacques Hamel, an 84-year-old Catholic priest, was martyred in France today by men shouting “Allah Akbar.” A nun is said to be in critical condition.
November 15, 2016

A Martyr to Intercede for a Nation Divided

My last post here also happens to have been about a martyr, and a Byzantine one at that. Again, here I’d like to talk about a
December 1, 2017

No Cover-Up Here: New Movie Openly Celebrates Sex Abuse

Most of us would agree that a sexual relationship between a teenager and a man in his mid-twenties would be creepy, if not downright immoral. But
December 13, 2017

Media Reached a Verdict on Day One of Planned Parenthood Investigation

When undercover videos first exposed the abortion industry’s trafficking of baby parts, the liberal media raced to defend Planned Parenthood. And now, more than two years
February 9, 2018

Archbishop Chaput Shares How We Can Make Masculinity Great Again

The time has come for me to confess something: I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan. This 2017-2018 season was the proudest I’ve ever been of my