Church News

March 5, 2013

Cardinals Invite Everyone To Pray With Them At St. Peter’s Tomorrow.

  In the Vatican reporting about today’s Particular Congregation, mention is made of a proposal that was accepted to dedicate tomorrow evening’s session (presumably starting at
March 9, 2013

Top Ten Signs You Might Not Be a “Papabile”

  1.   You ask for an absentee ballot because you don’t want to miss Downton Abbey.   2.   Before leaving for Rome, you tell your diocesan
March 10, 2013

What Does a Cardinal Read during the Conclave?

Once the cardinals enter the conclave and the doors of the Sistine Chapel are locked, the logistics involved in electing a new pope are quite involved
March 11, 2013

Photos: My Visit Yesterday to the Sistine Chapel

A short while after the See of Peter became vacant at the end of last month, the Sistine Chapel (or, Sistina) closed its doors to the
March 11, 2013

“O most blessed light, fill the inmost heart of your faithful.”

“Veni, Sancte Spiritu,” Come, Holy Spirit. The sequence from the Mass of Pentecost Sunday invoking the guidance and consolation and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. It
March 12, 2013

The Body and Soul of the New Evangelization: The Heart of the Conclave’s Task

  Bureaucracy isn’t sexy. Bureaucratic reform only slightly less so. Yet, over the past week, that’s exactly the topic that’s had the press buzzing. Allen, Magister,
March 12, 2013

JP in Rome: At the Last Mass Before the Conclave [UPDATED]

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please scroll down to see an important update from JP! Ahead of this morning’s Missa Pro Eligendo Romano Pontifice, faithful streamed into St. Peter’s
March 13, 2013

The Science of Holy Smoke: Conclave Messaging Secrets Revealed!

This morning, a friend of mine who lives in Rome posted the following observation on Facebook: Looking up at the chimney on the Sistine Chapel this
March 13, 2013

JP in Rome: Inside the “SalSta”

Nero. Black smoke. The next smoke signal is expected sometime this evening. It could come around the 5 o’clock hour; but, if there is smoke before