Action Alert

June 15, 2016

Bishop: Catholics share blame for Orlando

There is no tip toeing around this. It’s time to be blunt. Early Sunday morning, 49 of our fellow Americans were killed by a purportedly gay,
July 7, 2016

Perform Abortions or Lose Your Medical License

We aren’t there quite yet. Yet.  But the ACLU, the HHS Department, and all the other demons of the underworld are giving it their best shot,
July 11, 2016

Action Needed Now

Remember the attacks from the ACLU on Catholic hospitals? Remember that they’re trying to force doctors and nurses at Catholic hospitals to perform abortions!? Well, Speaker
October 11, 2016

Going to Vegas

CV just released a new ad in Nevada. Why Nevada? Because control of the Senate likely will come down to this fierce race to replace retiring
March 22, 2017

Call your Senators and urge them to #ConfirmGorsuch

The Senate Judiciary Committee is in the midst of hearings on Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. So far, he has excelled, especially in his defense
July 20, 2022

NFL Star in new CatholicVote ad ahead of Kansas abortion vote

We celebrated the defeat of Roe last month. Now, all eyes are on Kansas. In just two weeks, Kansas will be the first state since the
November 21, 2022

UPDATE: Your Lame Duck Congress

by Erika Ahern and Tom McClusky The Congress is well into its lame duck session, but the people Americans just fired (or who retired) still have